2023 ARTMART non monetary exchange for art at Fishfactory, Penryn, Cornwall

2023  Flammfringe Redruth performance and installation with sheeps wool, people, cars & hands. Arts festival Redruth

2023 mweeehhh 2023 performance for Soak Art Live in Plymouth, materials: sheeps wool

2023   embarazada semi-improvised performance for pop-up art exhibition by Auction House & Liam Jolly. Other artists included: Dean Knight, Alice Mahoney, Naomi Frears, Sovay Berriman, Liam Jolly, Andy Webster, Sharp the artist, Ro Robertson, Patrick Lowry at the Redruth Albany Rugby Club

2022   meskla brewyon drudh performance workshops with Sovay Berriman, Markethall, Redruth & Ro Dama: community farm, Camborne, Cornwall

2022   stop performing performance piece for Boardmasters Newquay as part of discussion on contemporary art hosted by Sovay Berriman with Graham Taylor & Simon Bayliss

2022  love this image more Piece submitted as part of (Dis)Obedient bodies exhibition at Fish Factory, Kernow

2022  fragments of (dis)location art performance at the Auction House, Redruth

2021  CAMP instagram takeover over 4 days

2021   fearside = neutral  completion of 2020 residency at Back Lane West run by Patrick Lowry.

2021  menace food installation produced for STREETVIEW Falmouth in local shops. Materials: pasty, scrap metal

2020  magnolia crucifixion instagram takeover for a month Back Lane West

2020  almost surely   Installation and interactive performance piece for AGILE STRUCTURES a collaborative artist led initiative and the PLYMOUTH ART WEEKENDER 2020. Scrabble poetry and Haikus

2020   birtha Live Art Performance & Installation at Back Lane West

2019   break us gently  Dance performance for artist collaborative Georgie Gendall, Roseanne Martin and Liam Joly  at Porthmeor studios, St. Ives

2019   common demoninator Recreated previous work for PLYMOUTH ART WEEKENDER.

2019  mother/maiden Grosstkreisentfernung Great Circle Distance, Berlin 46 artists from around the World. 2019   amorous Interactive Live performance at Back Lane West, Redruth, Kernow.

2018   common demoninator Installation for Cultivator, a creative business initiative SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING?

2018   amorass Writing for new publication Trans(RE)Lation by Graham Taylor

2018   grey areas  Breathing performance triptych for the Plymouth Art Weekender.

2018   see men  Whirling dervish/Sacred prostitute performance at Newquay nightclub for a birthday party.

2018  the places where we are or would like to be Photographic exchange https://fransvanlent.nl/2857-2/

2018  herm/aphrodite performance for MADE OF WALKING the Milena Principle, the Akamas Peninsula Cyprus

2017   Associate at Back Lane West

2017  Fake Art  Collaborative exhibition with Ron Ford, Alice Mahoney, Stuart Blackmore

2017   and the sea like crumpled sheets  Selected for FUTURE IMPERFECT symposium at Plymouth University

2017  Berlin Workshop & Performance  Group 2 week performance workshop, Berlin

2017  I Want to be Loved by You Live Performance on streets for above workshop, Berlin.

2017  Everything is F**cked  Performance at CMR Redruth with Fred Mc Vittie, Alice Mahoney, Liam Jolly

2015   Game of Consequences  20 artists invited by Stacey Guthrie: Final Show at The Exchange, Penzance.

2015   Some Things are better Left Unsaid  Installation and participatory performance at Back Lane West. 

2014   Mother, Artist, Housewife    Performance at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Gulvul.

2014   Love Story  Live Performance on side of road at St Elewyns church hall

2014   Interior Views First ever art film featuring the works of Zierle & Carter, Kate Ogley and Janet McEwan.

2014   Ephiphora    Low tech mechanised Performance featuring hyperscope ot Terry Pope

2014   Café Müller    a dance performance inspired by a Pina Bausch at St Elwyns church Hall with Maf Williams

2013   Is Love  Live performance at Back Lane West  Also selected and published in the VANDA Project, an online art magazine absc_nd

2013   Night & Day  Live Performance at St Elwyns Churchh Hall, Hayle, Cornwall.

2013   Gnothi Seauton    (Know Thyself)   guerilla installation at St Ives Tate, mirror, paint, old coat.

2012   Lesser Thought than what I Ought    guerilla installation at Newlyn Tate gallery.

2011   Paintings on aspects of self conflict via animal representation and integral household objects

2007/11   Travelled

2007   Live Art Falmouth – Installation Performance for artist led initiative with Paul Carter & Alexander Zierle  http://www.artcornwall.org/archive_index.htm

2007   Flushing Art Festival. Outdoor sculpture curated by Flushing Arts

2007   Intimate Relations of Immortality for Wharf, Wharf    Initiated, Co-Curated & exhibited Zierle & Carter, Kate Ogley, Clarissa Beothy.             http://www.artcornwall.org/archive_index.htm

2006   Film for Wheal Art exhibition, a mineral tramways project run by Cornwall County Council with Alison Sharkey

2005 Assistant sculptor to El Anatsui at Holifield Farm, Gweek. Installation for the Eden Project

2003 – 2006        Falmouth University, Falmouth, Cornwall       BA (HONS Fine Art

2001 – 2002         University of Brighton & Hove                      Foundation

1994 – 1997           The University of Manchester                     Bsc(HONS) Psychology

1986 – 1993           Manchester High School for Girls               9 GCSE’s & 4 A-Levels