I stand voyeur,
I sat long haul,
Red text
Let none taxi in
Hollow win.
I’m here in nerve lane, alone.

Grit late gloom
Shady exits exhume
Run til late yobs, sloosh hogs and their birds
Tiled in allure, lymited smiles
(her tank fills her).

Wilted men in taut brain suits kry ‘Please venomous flag again’.
Artists walk and melt:
‘Dont rage art, glam, wild, rent art
Set a goll to drive’.
(Parkies failed, parking was the best they could do)

Wen dark ran
And stars smiled on deer
Some lame brute sumo cracked the sheets
Dimly peaked
In the wank room.

Snow hand, song girl meaning
Loose your tattle
Rev well
Helium noon is come.
Now its gone gold, slightly reggose.
Danse to exit.

Almost Surely 2020 was an interactive performance in a multi storey car park for the Plymouth Art Weekender 2020

The title is taken from the infinite monkey theorem that given enough time genius literature can be created by monkeys and a type writer (in this case scrabble letters).

Audience were invited to sit and create their own words/poetry/haiku’s. Children used chalk on the walls. The results were collated together in poem by the artist the Multi-Storey Car Park Story (above).