Not Everything is Black & White 2017 Response to EVERYTHING IS F**KED a series of talks presented by Fred McVittie.

Photocopied pages and envelopes of cloth, crab shells, seaweed, treacle spilled over paper, male and female performers in wetsuits, photocopier. Transitional moving autobiographical performance inspired by the creative process that is making the work. Subverting the common everyday job of photocopying cloth onto reams of paper. Luxurious sensuality combined with the banality of the officious A4 page. The meaningless of black on white endlessly given birth to by the spread opening of the photocopying machine. She is a machine fed by my head, ideas represented by the octupus like tangles of hair and seaweed. Repeated over and over again in a toxic x-ray like sweep of the machines light. Hard dark edged technology and soft sensory feminity driven to capture her own beauty on paper.


Beneath the waves of birthed creativity, the paper spills over the male head. he is drowned, covered; her facsimilied head reproduced over his real one. Ambivalence, ambiguity cross gendering: a smorgasbord of the sensory overload of creativity; the combining of so many levels of feeling and expression as in the chaos of giving birth. Utilisation of the space to maximum capacity referencing the interior design of the architectural space.