2019   Amorous Interactive Live performance at Back Lane West exploring the olfactory influence of male and female hormones/prescence on its audience.

2018   Common Demoninator  Piece created for Enys House SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING? One thousand pounds in ten pound notes strewn on the floor.

2018   AMORASS Writing for new publication Trans(RE)Lation by Graham Taylor

2018   Let Me be your Symphony  Breathing performance triptych for the Plymouth Art Weekender.     

2018   See Men  Paid performance at Newquay nightclub for a birthday party.

2018  The Places where we are or Would like to be Photographic exchange with Frans van Lent published online https://fransvanlent.nl/2857-2/

2018  Love Triangle Shamanic/mythological performance created in the pools of Aphrodite for MADE OF WALKING the Milena Principle,  the Akamas Peninsula Cyprus

2017  Fake Art    Faking Tracey Emin’s bed in a photocopied style, exploring ideas of 2d and 3d, as well reality and non-reality.

2017   La Jeteé  Installation selected for FUTURE IMPERFECT symposium at Plymouth University 

2017  Berlin Workshop & Performance   2 weeks exploration of personal development, play, increasing a visual lexicon and a final exhibition for the finale: I Want to be Loved by You: testing of people’s personal boundaries, and opening up personal vulnerability to invite actions in resulting in a forbidden action, the police and help from outside the play.

2017  Everything is F**cked    Letter game & performance in response to title at CMR Redruth. Wooden scrabble game and photocopied print outs; Various props including printer, treacle, wetsuit and crab claws.

2016  ThrowAway Comments   Paper sculpture piece for an exhibition in Bath. Paper and stamped text

2016  Perfect Time   Staying awake to record the changing of the radio clocks in side the Passmoore Edwards building in Hayle. Concepts of time and the accuracy of such an abstract phenomenon. Research for a larger piece next year. (Not conceptualised yet).

2016  Le Petite Mort (the little death)   Referring to an orgasm this piece describes the Eros of creativity as well as sex and used a prefabricated structure of recycled wooden planters, water, plastic, petrol oil, kids toys, a photocopier, ice and fire. Back Lane West, Redruth.

2015   Game of Consequences    a collection of 20 artists invited by Stacey Guthrie to participate in an exploratory initiative; a canvas passed between artists and the ‘Consequences’. Begun in January 2015 with a Final Show at The Exchange, Penzance.

2015   Some Things are better Left Unsaid    Installation and participatory performance on a two month artist residency at Back Lane West an artist led initiative using collected hair, sawdust, a bag of frozen berries, honey, melted wax, mobile media and the game of chess as a theme for relationships

2014   Mother, Artist, Housewife    Performance at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Gulval. Incorporated themes of masculinity and femininity as well as identity and mysticism.

2014   Love Story    Performed in underwear by the side of the road at dusk, the audience became the artists. Sewing machine, business cards, baby monitor and tea. Involved themes of women, vulnerability, relationships and freedom.

2014   Interior Views    Initiated and curated a Contemporary Arts film show casing films Café Muller and Ephiphora, also featuring the works of Zierle & Carter, Kate Ogley and Janet McEwan.

2014   Ephiphora    Poem made out of a performance and film edit depicting the hyperscope an invention which reverses the way our eyes see, created by Terry Pope. Ephiphora is an eye condition whereby the sufferer can not stop their tears. Dealt with issues of ‘little mermaid’ complex and coming back into civilisation

2014   Café Müller    a dance performance inspired by a Pina Bausch work of the same name filmed through a reversed monocular. Exploration into different ways of viewing, eroticism and male/female relations 

2013   Is Love    an exploratory performance at Back Lane West investigating motherhood and identity; cement mixer and a moulinex food processor compete to reduce plates into dust. Also selected and published in the VANDA Project, an online page absc_nd

2013   Untitled    a performance about rage. Food processor, rolling pin, mirrors and sand.

2013   Gnothi Seauton    (Know Thyself)   guerilla installation, mirror, paint, old coat.

2012   Lesser Thought than what I Ought    guerilla installation, tripod, hook, paper and stamped words.

2011   Paintings on aspects of self conflict via animal representation and integral household objects

2007/11   Travel; walking the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage in Northern Spain and then to Portugal, Andalucia & Africa on a self enquiring purposely undocumented pilgrimage to birthplace Johannesburg, S. Africa. Journey cut short returned to the UK. Later I had a son.

2007   Live Art Falmouth – Installation Performance as part of LAF artist led initiative inspired by Women who run with the Wolves: knitting, knives, record player, bottles of ‘tears’. Themes of angst, suffering and the transformative nature of Nature

2007   Flushing Art Festival. Produced installation outdoor sculpture, indoor paper installation and artpiece which was bid for and won at charity art auction.

2007   Wharf, Wharf    Initiated, Co-Curated & exhibited in this unique event to commemorate coastlines and the last days of an old working wharf. Other exhibitors included Zierle & Carter, Kate Ogley, Clarissa Beothy.

               Delet Ba’Magresh Installation of doors; the title roughly translates from Hebrew to ‘calling a spade a spade’. Questions on the significance of art & The Rood Middle English poetry about the thoughts of the tree that was cut down to make the cross.

                Utopia Installation, mirror, charcoaled word, tripod and binoculars

                Intimate Relations of Immortality Participatory collaboration with artist Kate Ogley using crushed scallop shells.

2006   Documented & edited film for Wheal Art exhibition, a mineral tramways project run by Cornwall County Council. The film was included in the brochure accompanying the outdoor exhibition based at South Wheal Frances, Redruth amidst the ruins of the old tin mines.

2005   Assistant sculptor to El Anatsui at Holifield Farm, Gweek, helped create large installation of charred figures from greenhart hardwood for the Eden project. Still partially current at Eden.



2003 – 2006        Falmouth University, Falmouth, Cornwall              BA Fine Art

2001 – 2002         University of Brighton & Hove                                     Foundation

1994 – 1997           The University of Manchester                                    Bsc(HONS) Psychology

1986 – 1993           Manchester High School for Girls                             9 GCSE’s & 4 A-Levels



(as Jacqui Orly)

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